Saturday, June 13, 2015

Are We In Hell?

Endless wars, deadly diseases, environmental disasters, homelessness, hunger, poverty, pain, bigotry, greed, debilitating injuries, depression, addiction, fear and ignorance, all concluded by death tell us we are in Hell.

Yet we are in Heaven as well!

Love, compassion and forgiveness are very much a part of our lives. And with so much horror, there are endless opportunities for us to grow as we appreciate our blessings and help others.

Laughter, which cleanses our souls, and friendship and fun light up our lives.

There is also such magnificence in sunsets, waterfalls, rainbows, roses, captivating music and literature and in all of the other arts as well. Then there is chocolate.

Babies, puppies and kittens bring us immense joy and help us to rekindle our sense of hope. We have each other and the tools to make this place Heaven or Hell. The choice is ours.


Even death is not permanent, for we each live many lives, as our separation from loved ones is temporary.

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