Monday, November 12, 2012

Japan's Economy Turns Bleak

On Monday (11/12/12), the Japanese government confirmed a steep 3.5 percent drop in Gross Domestic Product for the July-September period. Private investment in annualized terms fell 12.1 percent, the worst since 2009 right after the near global economic collapse.

Japan is the world's third largest economy, but even its massive size can't protect it. Being export driven, it is being impacted by the collapsing Euro Zone, and falling sales in China, the world's second largest economy, as China's economy is softening.

Annualized, in the July-September period, Japan's exports fell a stunning 18.7 percent. Japan's growing economic problems will impact the world, but especially other Asian countries, which depend heavily on Japanese investment and trade.

Dear Reader, I share this information not to alarm you but to remind you that we as mankind are all interconnected, and that what happens to one group of us will eventually affect us all. Our global economy in stages is in the process of collapsing, and as I help connect the pieces for you in this and in other articles on this site, you can take steps to protect yourself.

This collapse will be just an extension of the one that began in 2008-2009 which was caused by greed and fraud on an unparalleled scale. Taxpayer bailouts to some of the worst perpetrators only postponed what will be the inevitable, unless nations and financiers boldly act now to help one another.

As happened during the 1930's Great Depression, we as people must help one another to get through this as together we will over come this massive economic mess and eventually we will achieve far better economic times.


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