Monday, November 5, 2012

What Does A Nation Stand For?

To the world, a nation stands for the actions it takes, not the inspiring words it may speak. Nations commonly speak of their respect for human life, selection of leaders by secret ballot, rule of law and not of man and a conduct of prompt, fair and impartial court trials. Ultimately each nation in some form even sees itself in a sense of a higher calling and a greater destiny.

But if a nation proudly speaks of peace yet in the name of peace conducts wars, killing, torture and destroys everything in its path, while also orphaning children, what does it really stand for? If a nation proclaims its deeply held religious tenants yet ignores starving people or people dying from readily treatable diseases, what does it really stand for?

If a nation speaks of democracy yet sells its elections to the highest bidder in exchange for secret favors, what does it really stand for? If a nation provides justice to those with money and political connections, while others suffer the brutal force of the legal system, what does it really stand for?

What nation can truly see itself with a higher calling and a greater sense of destiny if it buries itself in debts so deep it can never pay them back? These are just a few questions to ponder as leaders of nations so often attempt to delude people like you and me in their heavily promoted sense of self and national glorification.

In response, we can wave a flag and sing nationalistic songs as we pledge our allegiance to the state or we can go beyond this and together strive to make our ideals a reality to our benefit and to the benefit of all mankind.


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