Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where Are You?

Where are you America's religious leaders as the U.S. fights so many wars? Where is your voice for peace? Where is your guidance to your congregations urging them to call for peace? Don't your religious beliefs call for peace and compassion for all mankind?

Where are you "pro-life" people when it comes to the death and destruction of war? Does "pro-life" end with the birth of a baby? Are you not concerned with what happens after that baby is born?

Where are you peace advocates? You were on the streets in huge numbers in the 1960's and 70's to oppose the Vietnam War? Are you not concerned with the killing and maiming of men, women and children in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Pakistan? Does it take a fear of the military draft to get you involved?

Where is the U.S. news media? You did a superb job covering prior U.S. wars starting with World War 2. Where are you now when it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan, and Pakistan and other U.S. wars? Is the severe price paid by millions of families not newsworthy? Is it not even newsworthy, the price paid by the U.S. soldiers and their families? You can't find stories?

Isn't the "Green Zone" in Baghdad or the life Iraqis now live after the U.S. invasion and occupation or the existence of many thousands of military "contractors" throughout the war zones worth sharing with the American people? You didn't even make war an issue during the recent political campaigns.

But even with your silence, there are still vast numbers of people of conscience. There are people who sincerely care and act on behalf of the well-being of all mankind. For we as mankind are brethren taking the path of life together and what happens to our brothers and sisters throughout the world will ultimately affect us all.


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