Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm Responsible For The Mess In Washington, DC

I'm responsible for the mess in Washington, DC! There I said it, perhaps the first person, the first voter to have done so, for none of the politicians nor does anyone else acknowledge their responsibility. What makes me responsible for this mess?

I am an American citizen who tolerates politicians who commit character assassinations in their political campaigns and then once in office bicker like children, "she said this, he did that, how dare they, I'll fix them." Ultimately, regardless of what you and I may think, most of these office holders sell their votes to lobbyists who fund their political campaigns.

Meanwhile, the pundits wanting ever more media coverage, do what sells to the media, they make accusations which only compounds the animosity and bickering. 

I have tolerated this mess for far too long. It is way past time for us as U.S. citizens to remind all of these politicians that they report to us and that they are there to serve our collective needs as a nation. If they are incapable of doing this, we will replace them not with members of the two party political monopoly but with members of so called third parties, which are parties not beholden to lobbyists.

Their candidates are where most of the new ideas come from and despite the overwhelming odds, they run for office to appeal to us that they will do something better by far than what we have. I am determined to give them that opportunity, rather than tolerate any more of the bickering and the huge mess we have in Washington today, the mess I am responsible for.

Note: The idea for this piece came from "Are There Any Grownups In Washington, DC?" written by my friend Kathleen Jacoby

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