Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How To Make Each Day New Year's Day

For many people, New Year's Day is magical. It is a time to make a fresh start and see the world anew. But the next day, the magic begins to slip away and they go back to their normal routines. Instead, let us do something different.

Let us treat each day as something special, for it is something special. It is a precious gift and we can treat it as that by coming alive and aware. We can begin to notice and appreciate all of the beauty around us, from the flowers in bloom, to the sunshine that warms us, to the smile we encourage in the next person we see.

And if we can see that person, that in itself is a blessing the blind would never take for granted. If we have ears that can hear, a job that pays us, a home to live in and a song in our hearts, our blessings grow. Now add in people who we can hug and who need and love us and whom we need and love as well and we are indeed blessed extensively.

So why should any day be routine. Let us be appreciative of this precious gift that is today, and celebrate it by our thoughts and our actions.


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