Friday, March 22, 2013

Springtime Has Come

Where I live (the Los Angeles area), Springtime has come and with it, a sense of rebirth, of new opportunities, of joy. The sun is warm and bright and the sky is clear and blue.

One feels beckoned into nature where the first rose is in bloom, its white blossoms the first of many that will soon greet passersby. The camellias are a sea of pinkish red flowers, the snap dragons are in burgundies and yellows, the primroses are in purples, pinks, yellows and blue-grays, and all around are flowers in every color of a rainbow.

Here and there bees suckle the flowers, collecting the nectar that will soon be honey, and through pollination, helping to germinate more flowers.

An expansive lawn of green surrounds flowering plum trees whose white flowers have given way to dark red leaves, that are fluttering softly in the breeze. In this idyllic setting, a humming bird comes to call as does a monarch butterfly, in all of his majesty, his golden wings taking him to any flower at his command.

The scent of white pittosporum flowers perfume the air, and the heavenly scent of jasmine will soon replace those flowers as one by one they settle gently on the brown soil below. The birds chirp aloud in their own form of celebration, as new hatchlings expand their families or mates are to be attracted.

It is wonderful to be alive, whatever travails one must endure, for this is nature's great call to each of us and it will not be ignored. It is life eternal and it rustles great memories from deep within one's soul and it brings all the joy one's heart can muster.


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