Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There Are No Failures In Life, With One Exception

There are no failures in life, with one exception.

That excepton is for people who grow no wiser from life's many lessons.

We all make mistakes and we all have setbacks. Some of those mistakes or setbacks are painful but each offers us valuable lessons, if we are wise enough to learn from them.

A renowned surgeon told me that when he was young and just beginning his medical practice, in a complex surgery, he made what in hindsight was an error that cost a person his life. He never forgot that person or the lesson, as with heartache he learned from the experience.

In part as a result, across a very long career, he saved numerous other lives ever determined to do all he could to help humanity.

You and I will make mistakes and suffer setbacks for as long as we live. The key is for us to grow wiser from them and convert those "failures" into successes for the benefit of all.


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