Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If This Is Your Last Day

If this is your last day, how would you want to live it? And what would bring you joy during this day and what would cause you regret?

If this is your last day, it might be too late to correct or reduce your regrets, but you have the chance to do it well before your last day has arrived. Apologies and kind acts could go a long way to easing your regrets and soothing your conscience.

I know this is not easy for I too have been doing this with those I can locate and in my prayers for those I cannot. In terms of forgiveness the toughest one to forgive has been myself and you may find that true for yourself as well.

There are other things you can also do in advance of that final day that will make you thankful you did them when that day arrives:

Let go of the petty nonsense such as politics, loyalty to nations or sports teams and stop sending an endless stream of email, text messages and tweets, as you realize how much of your valuable time these things waste.

Let go of celebrities, mindless television shows and great wealth if great wealth is measured in money, as you realize how foolish it all is. And don't condemn others for living lifestyles of which you don't approve for in your final day, you will live and let live.

Wars and all of their death and destruction will not be a topic you will want to think about on your last day, unless you were a participant or an avid supporter or profiteer and then you will regret the killing, pain and suffering you caused others.

But then you may have already long carried regret in your heart, unable to cleanse yourself of all the blood that was spilled.

As to what will bring you joy on that final day, if you are like me, you will want to be surrounded by loved ones.

And like me, you might want to feel the sunshine, inhale the heavenly scent of flowers in bloom and observe the distant blue sea as you watch the waves rolling onto a white sandy shore. Or you may want to feel rain drops or snow flakes as they cleanse the air and perhaps help you cleanse your burdens from your heart.

Surely on that last day you will want to laugh, something you probably didn't do enough of in your lifetime.

In any case, you will let go of expectations that can no longer be met and simply attempt to enjoy each moment left to you even as the moments fade into sleep. No more heartaches or pain, but hopefully a sense of joy as you feel a warm glow of love.

As those who love you say goodbye for now, other loved ones will reach across the chasm of life to greet you and guide you as you rejoin them, no longer fearful of the unknown .

But if you are like me, you were never fearful because this inevitable transition we all make was always known to your Higher Being, the Spiritual Being which is the real you as you return fully into spiritual form, your body left behind.

If you have been loving and charitable to others, not in your mind, but in practice, and if you were able to forgive them, however they may have wronged you, your spirit will feel a sense of peace beyond all measure.

If you attained the growth you were sent in body to achieve, your life has been one of purpose and accomplishment, a life well lived, a life not perfect but one that will make you proud and thankful you made the journey.


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