Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't Be Too Busy To Live

Many people work long, intense hours saving their money hoping to some day reap the fruits of a greater life that they believe is not available to them now. Meanwhile, their children grow up and establish their own lives and the good times that could have been had together are gone.

However, if all goes well financially, the savings will be there to ensure a greater life. That is if their health and that of their spouse remains good, their money retains its value and they are not defrauded and no catastrophic event occurs, such as a severe injury or death.

In life we only have the present moment for this is he only time we have been blessed to live. Within this moment is love, joy, personal growth, knowledge and beauty in many forms if one becomes aware of all that the moment contains.

Yes, we need to earn a living but life is far more than earning a living. We weren't given the precious gift of life just to earn money, a commodity that is left behind with our passing.

We each have a purpose, a destiny which calls to us. It is our responsibility to answer that call as we live the life we have been given. And that for each of us is a life that can only be lived in the present moment, lived in the here and now.


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