Monday, July 15, 2013

"See It Again Through A Higher Awareness"

"See it again through a higher awareness" are words that have often come to me in prayer, and they apply to each of us as we strive for personal growth in this life.

Where is that awareness? It is in the eyes of each person we meet, even those without sight, for we are all on this journey together. It is in the trust we place in others and it is in the love and respect we offer them. It is in each act of kindness tendered with no expectation of anything in return.

It is in the power of forgiveness as we let go of our anger and hurt and support those seeking forgiveness as they make amends. It is to still forgive them even if they don't make amends. It is being a good and compassionate listener rather than one who listens in judgement.

It is in being there to help when someone in desperate circumstances feels alone in the world.

It is in recognizing that part of heaven is already with us in the form of flowers in bloom, fruit as it ripens on the trees or vines, a waterfall fresh with snowmelt, the cleanliness of the air that fills our lungs, the feel of sunshine as it warms our hearts and perhaps most of all in the sincere smiles and unconditional love we offer others.

"See it again through a higher awareness" are words that beckon to each of us as we strive to grow and find greater meaning in this life. They are the guide to fulfillment and the whisper that calls to our souls in the silence of our being.

This message comes to you with love dear reader and hope for your happiness.


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