Monday, July 29, 2013

"Walking With Angels"

"Walking with Angels," dear reader is a title that came in inspiration. For much of my life I would have been uncomfortable sharing with you what I am just about to present.

Around you and me and every other person are angelic or spiritual beings. To each of us they offer guidance in the form of whisperings, dreams, inspired thoughts that transcend our own abilities and on occasion they appear as spiritual manifestations.

Sometimes events take the form of amazing coincidences or in a 6th sense in which we suddenly know something to be true although we have not yet been informed of it.

I recall many years ago as an entrepreneur competing for major contracts, suddenly knowing if I had won or lost, sometimes hearing the voices of those making the decision and even noting the time, in each instance all of those elements turning out to be exactly correct.

Over the years I have heard the voices and in faith allowed them to guide me. From 2006 to 2012 virtually every Wednesday evening I held a peace vigil in opposition to the Iraq and Afghan Wars displaying a sign in which the words were presented to me.

On at least one occasion as I was in appearance alone along a very busy Pacific Coast Highway street corner, I was joined by a soldier whose presence I could feel, as he stood with me. On another occasion at a nearby similar peace vigil hosted by my friend Korean War veteran John Fortier, as I held a pole with a peace flag, suddenly that pole was shaken from side to side, and yet to the naked eye there was no-one else there but John and me.

In my home, I've witnessed a spiritual being who spoke with me without ever saying a word and other times I've heard the words without seeing the being. In each case the subsequent impact was profound.

I've been present at the end of life for people I've been close to as others in spirit were there to prepare them to leave this life and return to spiritual form. And shortly afterward leave this life they did.

This is but a sampling of my experience with the spiritual. Among the lessons I've learned are to be loving and forgiving of all of mankind and to see my oneness with all of humanity. No wars, no flags, no threats, no national boundaries, no sense of superiority, no pain inflicted on others.

I help those in need, including buying meals for homeless people. Wherever I go I greet people warmly, treating them with the respect all of God's creatures deserve

As my awareness has grown I've learned that animals are beings and have feelings just as you and I do so I've become more loving and understanding of them. 12 years ago I became a vegetarian.

Most of all I'm a man of faith and gratitude, learning to appreciate what I have while I have it as I live in the moment, listening to those in spirit. I have no fear of death for it will be a transition back to where I've already been, to a higher and more peaceful plain of life.

You too can walk with angels dear reader if only you will open your heart to the possibility and listen carefully as they speak to you. From then on your life will become more meaningful as you are guided into higher thought processes and to a greater awareness.


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