Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Does Life Sometimes Seem Meaningless?

Sometimes life seems meaningless to me. War machines, death squads, poverty, illness, injury, stupidity, bigotry, greed, cruelty, cheating, drug addiction and lying and all for what?

In a brief life and one in which no tangible assets go with us at death, what is all this craziness about? And what is the purpose in anything as fleeting as fame, something so many people want?

But when I feel low, then I hear the magic in music, or read inspirational words, or witness a rose in bloom, captivated by its color and scent or look into the eyes of a loved one that wants to be with me.

I feel the exuberance of children and laugh as they say or do something cute or funny. Someone hugs me or unselfishly expresses gratitude to another person as both people beam with joy.

For those overwhelmed by medical expenses, people unite to raise money to help them and for the homeless, organizations shelter and feed them and for the poor, other groups build housing for them.

Yes, this is a brutal world but somewhere within the hearts of most people are compassion and love for mankind, for pets and for beauty in so many forms. The contradictions abound but then so does hope.

And with hope and love and forgiveness life doesn't seem so meaningless as we each find our role and do something to help others and by doing so we locate the path to fulfillment and our sense that we are serving a greater purpose.


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