Monday, August 12, 2013

The Only Failure There Could Ever Be

The only failure there could ever be is the failure to try. This failure is brutal for it is a failure of the heart and leads one to ask what great accomplishments in life might have been if only.

How many people on their death beds have asked this question? But the real death took place much earlier when one surrendered his or her dreams from lack of self-confidence and lack of courage.

Yet as death inevitably awaits each of us, why not pursue one's dreams?

Why not rise to the challenge and find the heroism that lives within one's heart. Embarrassment and fear will seem meaningless from one's death bed, while acts of heroism will bring a glow to one's soul and pride to one's loved ones.

For we are all spirits in search of personal growth and the only true limitations are those we place on ourselves.


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