Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Far Better Option Than War

Today I listened to Graham Webb, an Australian who commented about how unpopular the U.S. has become as it often threatens or launches wars. He made a suggestion that he thought if enacted would greatly elevate the U.S.'s stature around the world:

Instead of launching missiles and drones, why not bombard adversarial nations with "lollipops and chocolate drops." It seems as though the U.S. could not do worse than it is doing and by showering people with candy, it would set a far better tone and establish a basis for dialogue.

I laughed when Graham suggested this, as did he, but as we thought about it, it truly is a far better option than to unleash the fury of Hell upon them.

Note: "lollipops and chocolate drops" are what I recall Graham's quote as being.

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