Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Higher Awareness

Most of us take life for granted, going through the motions until some dramatic event awakens us, however briefly. And then we return to our daily slumber, oblivious to the magic around us, as routine and boredom prevail.

But what if we no longer let that happen? What if we came alive, truly living the precious gift that life is.

What if we looked into the eyes of each person we encountered and really listened to what each person had to say? What if we took a fresh look at our hopes and aspirations and had the courage to pursue them?

What if we could see the world in a whole new way and learned to embrace it? What if we could see our oneness with each person?

What if we could see animals as spiritual beings much like ourselves?

What if our hearts were uplifted by the triumphs of others, as we would feel for ourselves in our own triumphs? And what if our hearts broke in their defeats or in their sense of loss as our hearts break for our own defeats or in our own sense of loss?

What if we became aware of nature's beauty from the magnificent blue sky, fluffy white clouds and golden rays of the sun we often ignore as we are caught up in our daily grind? What if we saw the colors of a rose and inhaled the rose's scent as if for the first time?

What if we recognized that life really is brief? What meaningful changes would we make in our brief lives? What new goals would entice us in our pursuit of a Higher Awareness, an Awareness which is really a Spiritual Awakening.


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