Saturday, September 14, 2013

"I'm So Busy, Why Aren't I More Successful?

"I'm so busy, why aren't I more successful?" many people ask themselves in frustration.

The answer is it is very common for people to confuse busyness with accomplishment. It is so easy to get caught up in all the noise around us, tight work schedules, the demands of others, televised news and fluff pieces, smart phones and sending texts, twitters and emails in volume and anything else that numbs us from reality.

Reality is that we are all spiritual beings sharing a brief journey in this life together. Many of us don't even know what "success" is. We measure success in money as we try to accumulate all the possessions possible, possessions we all surrender when we die.

We falsely believe that if we make "big money" and buy the best of everything, this is "success" and it will reduce our feelings of fear, inadequacy and doubt.

Look at all the celebrities who crash and burn. These are people with fame and fortune, that vast numbers of people envy. Yet many celebrities become drug addicted, divorced or generally miserable all in their pursuit of what society has told them is valuable and defines success.

But those are just considerations of the ego and can never bring real happiness. To understand "success" is to understand one's purpose for being here. This requires deep personal reflection, a quiet and peaceful look within ourselves held on a regular basis.

Ironically something many people think they are too busy to do.

If you want to succeed in your life, take the time to meditate and listen carefully to the wisdom and guidance that inner voice will share with you. And humbly be kind and generous to others, for they are your brethren, and no-one succeeds without the support of other people, nor does anyone succeed without a life filled with giving and receiving love.

Once you understand your true path for spiritual growth, like an internal GPS you will have direction and a sense of purpose and meaning for which there is no substitute as you understand what for you is success.


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