Saturday, October 12, 2013

Putting Life In Perspective

Think of life as being like the magnificent Grand Central Terminal (GCT) in New York.

It is a huge hub of activity with trains continually arriving and departing. In our example, the arriving trains represent people being born into this world and the departing trains represent those who leave it.

We think of a lifespan of 80, 90 or 100 years as a long time but in reality those years pass very fast. During that time people meet one another, fall in love and live their lives.

Some arrive to live in the nicest part of GCT and reserve it for themselves and as countries do, create borders they will defend with bloodshed. They even create mythical heroes and strive to justify their rights to this property, even if they took it away from others who arrived first.

Some even go so far as to invade the borders of property other people claimed for themselves at GCT.

In the meantime there is an elite group of people that fix the GCT system for themselves grabbing all the revenue from the Grand Central Market, the train fares and anything else that makes money, as they deprive the vast mass of people of the benefits of that money. They do this despite knowing that they can take none of that money with them when it comes time to catch a departing train.

The wise among the GCT people understand that visitors on a brief journey is all anyone can ever be and they enjoy the journey, learn its lessons and help others to do so as well for this is the only thing one can take when boarding a departing train.

Is there accountability for how people conducted themselves in their brief time visiting GCT? I guess it depends upon which departing train each person is invited to board when it comes time to leave.


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