Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Spirit Speaks

"Live in the moment," said The Spirit, "For that is the Only place God has given you to live."

"But what about tomorrow," I replied. "What about my plans, my strategies, my goals."

"Tomorrow is an illusion" came the answer. "You have no control over the future or even know if you will be here tomorrow. Live this moment while you have the opportunity.

"In this moment, begin to find out who you really are," added The Spirit. "The answer lies within your spiritual being. When you know that you will understand why you are here."

"But I know why I am here," I announced. "It is to accomplish and to become famous, to be an important person."

"All of that is illusion," came the response. "These are all considerations of the ego. You are on this plane of life but briefly. All that you claim to accomplish will come with the help of angelic spirits and will be meant for your growth and to the benefit of your brethren.

"Fame means nothing. Everyone quickly passes through this life and then their names are cast aside as it is only their eternal beings that remain. As soon as you die, your name will be buried along with your mortal body and it will be forgotten.

"It is the value mankind place in your work that will live on through the generations. If a name is attached to that work, an Aristotle, a Confucius, a Shakespeare, a Gandhi, it will be meant only to lure mankind to the message.

"As for being important, that too is an illusion.

"Its meaning is that one person is more important than the others. Yet you are all brethren, all on this journey together. Do you think God has favorites? Do you think all the honors and trophies men award to signify importance mean anything at all?

"People die and all the honors and awards are left behind to gradually disintegrate until they too are nothing.

"Instead of all this meaningless nonsense, live this moment. In this moment are love and joy, and beauty is all around you waiting to be discovered.

"As a spiritual being, this is a part of the wisdom I offer you for your journey of life on this plane of existence. Whether you awaken to this message is up to you."

Author Unknown

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