Thursday, July 9, 2015

In Her Eyes

Today dear reader is a touch of poetry:

In her eyes I see a life I may have known before.
In her youth, there is warmth and energy, a future in this life I shall never share.
But I sense no loss, only the hope that her journey will bring the growth she seeks.
If I contributed to that growth my purpose was served.


This is an inspired piece received 7/8/15 at about 5:40 pm. It was in part inspired by "The New Child," a poem by Franz Wright in his Pulitzer Prize (2004) winning book of poems, "Walking To Martha's Vineyard:"

"The fish applaud the ocean;
I shake hands with the sky.
And there is this tall family
of trees I will visit, the water-
colored windows
of that ancient blue house
where I might have lived."

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