Sunday, July 19, 2015

Last Night I Met Jesus

He had brown skin, black hair and looked at me with dark eyes. He was trim and stood perhaps 5 feet, 6 inches in height.

He had all of his worldly possessions with him, in three small bags and a backpack. He appeared to be alone in the world, unrecognized and ignored.

How did I know he was Jesus?

There was a kindness about him, a gentleness of spirit, a glow that shown in his eyes.

He didn't speak to me until I spoke to him, asking if he was hungry. On this rainy night, he said softly he would like a hot drink, as I recall, a cup of tea.

I took him into a hamburger place next to where he was sitting on a bench under an overhang, and asked the young lady if she would please serve him anything he wanted.

She pleasantly agreed. I thanked her and left her with $10, telling her I was right next door in case she needed more money.

I then left him there, as I needed to rejoin my dinner guests, people whom I thought had no idea why I excused myself.

But when I returned, my wife Anne said I had bought a dinner for a homeless man. I smiled and agreed.

Many people say they would like to serve Jesus.

If they are sincere, they might start with serving those who need a little kindness in their lives.

People expect Jesus to look like he did in Medieval paintings, which from my description of him, he does not, and to perform miracles.

But his greatest miracle is to bring out the best in you and me and others as we unselfishly help those in need.

Jesus resides in no church, but lives instead in our hearts, calling to us with love and compassion to be a blessing to all living beings.


Note: I share these observations with you dear reader not as a Christian, but as a Jew, one who is respectful of all religious beliefs.

I recall three small bags, but Jesus might have had another small bag or two.

This meeting took place last night in San Pedro, California, USA but it could have just as easily taken place anywhere else in the world, for Jesus is where people believe him to be.

If I had it to do again, I would have given Jesus a little more time and attention as I sometimes do other homeless people.

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