Monday, August 10, 2015

"Immigrant suspected in killing"

The Los Angeles Times second section this morning headlined, "Immigrant suspected in killing." Not a "Man" but an "Immigrant." Below the headline was a sinister photo of the suspect.

Now perpetuate this negative stereotype a thousand times in various forms of news coverage and it is easy to understand the public's fear of immigrants.

But the real news story is one that is rarely presented.

"Immigrants work hard, pay huge taxes," "Immigrants take care of your children and the elderly, clean your homes and offices, pick your produce, and support your educational system."

No, it is so much easier to ignore the contributions of millions of immigrants in favor of a scary headline that casts all immigrants in a negative light.

However, everywhere we look, immigrants are making vital contributions that make life better for all of us and they deserve not our fear but our gratitude and respect.

This is not to pick on the L.A. Times or any other media source but to call to your attention how easy negative stereotypes can be created and perpetuated.

To read the L.A. Times story and see the photo: 

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