Saturday, June 11, 2016


Abortion is one of the most devisive issues, as people angrily argue over woman's reproductive rights and also, when life has begun. To some people, there is no latitude, nor respect for those who disagree with them.

Abortion issues are difficult for me to resolve, but I know some women will seek them. I never want to return to the horrors of my youth when abortions were illegal and many women died or suffered from botched abortions

Therefore, I accept abortion as a necessary part of society.

To those who feel abortion offends God, please do not harm others in God's name, for God did not appoint you judge and executioner. Instead, offer love and compassion, and let God judge His own creations.

And if like me your reverence for life takes you beyond birth, please do what you can to alleviate childhood homelessness, and to also find a peaceful end to wars, which only abort the lives of others at an older age.


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