Friday, October 26, 2012

"Every Day Is A Holiday And Every Meal Is A Feast"

"Every day is a holiday and every meal is a feast," said Jerry Granacki, to those who would listen. Jerry was a Houston based painter who recently passed away from cancer at the age of 62, leaving a wife and daughters 27 and 23 and a large group of family and friends who miss him for the compassionate and talented man he was.

I never met Jerry but got to know him through his sister-in-law Evelyn Granacki and from his paintings pictured on his blog. But his message really stuck with me and I hope it sticks with you.

How often we take our days for granted and give little thought to our meals. But each day we are granted is special, particularly if we give it the attention it deserves. And we can eat our meals mindfully, realizing the joy and nutrition our food can bring to us.

These are fundamental elements of life, although many people are too busy to think about them until it is too late. Yet if we don't fully absorb each of our days, and don't take the time to thoroughly enjoy our meals, how can we be thankful for them? Where is life's meaning, if it doesn't begin here? When will we start to live, if we don't do it now?

With a smile among us and hearts filled with joy, let each of us make today special, and make special each day of our lives that may follow. And let us live in the now, knowing now is all we have and now can be as much or as little as we make of it.


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