Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When I Am Down

When I am down, I think of the cactus plant. The odds of its birth much like that of our own births into this world are near zero. Yet in a harsh environment of blistering sun, scorching heat, buffeting winds, scarce rains and freezing nighttime temperatures, its seeds take root and grow within the granules of sand.

There with its green mass and prickly thorns, it has learned to survive and thrive within its harsh setting. And at the right time of year, it even dazzles us with its flowers.

As happens to the cactus, life can treat us harshly. We can bemoan our circumstances and wither and die or adapt and thrive from those circumstances as we grow stronger from them. I choose to grow stronger, and to share that strength with others as even in the times of the fury that may befall us, we thrive together, taking hope and still finding all the beauty this world also has to offer us, like discovering a cactus flower in the sun.


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