Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"God Bless America"

As America unleashes is massive military force on what are now endless wars and it spends stunning amounts of money it doesn't have, American politicians now regularly end their speeches with the phrase "God bless America" including the President, his immediate predecessor and his current major rival. But what does that phrase mean?

If God does bless America, does that include blessing its "illegal immigrants?" Does it include blessing its "blue" and its "red" states? Does that include blessing people who oppose abortions and those who support them?

Does that mean God blesses the "special operations strike forces" (death squads), the U.S. dispatches to hot spots around the globe? Does God bless those who kill with drones? Does God's blessing also include those with the highest 1 percent of income and their lobbists? How about gay people or "Socialists," does God bless them?

If God does bless America, is that America only? Or might God bless all of mankind, thus negating His blessing of America only? Might God bless all living beings, such as cattle? If so where does that leave those who eat hamburgers?

Instead of self proclaiming God's blessings on ourselves, by our actions, let us bring God's blessings to America and all over the world, with love as we offer a compassionate helping hand to all those who seek it. In this form, we honor God and share His blessings in a meaningful way.


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