Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How To Make 2013 More Meaningful To You

It is the beginning of a new year and many people have made New Year's resolutions, resolutions most of them will never keep, because those resolutions aren't meaningful to them and they aren't committed to them. But their intentions in making those resolutions were good, for they were seeking better, more meaningful lives.  May I offer two resolutions that could make a real difference in your life, resolutions you could keep:

1) Resolve to do something to uplift the life of another. It could be having a small automatic monthly payment placed on your credit card to help a charity organization whose work you believe in. Or it could be a commitment of your time to a charitable organization that does something you find deeply meaningful. It might be visiting lonely senior citizens, delivering meals to shut-ins or caring for unloved and unwanted pets.

It is amazing the marvelous difference it can make in our lives when we give of ourselves to help others. Life takes on a whole new meaning in a resolution that is surprisingly easy to keep.

2) Resolve to do just one thing to help yourself, something you have long wanted to do, but it got lost among a long list of resolutions. It might be taking a class, committing to an organization that will help you shed those excess pounds to make you healthier or reading a book a month, to open your mind to new ideas and to a wider vocabulary.

Any of these or another choice you make could build your self-confidence and open the door to another resolution, once you achieve the one you selected.

This approach is definable, workable and readily achievable and will not burden you with resolutions you will resent and never attain. And each time you achieve something you find meaningful, it reinforces your self-esteem and brings greater meaning to your life.


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