Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lighting Up The Lives Of Others

Last week I did something I have begun doing often, each time with remarkable and consistent results. If you attempt what I am doing, I believe you will attain a similar result and you too will begin to change the world around you for the better.

My wife Anne and I were in a busy supermarket when I said to her, "Watch this." As we looked at the people around us, nearly all of them were doing what is so common among mankind, they were lost in apathy, their feelings hidden behind a wall of indifference.

To see them is to see most of the people around you, smileless and joyless, moving passively through life, often unaware of their blank facial expressions or their indifference to others.

I approach people with a big smile and greet them warmly. I then acknowledge what they are doing and often compliment them for doing or wearing something I sincerely like. It can be as simple as the    warm and beautiful smile that suddenly comes across their faces.

It is amazing how this approach snaps people out of their apathy and back into the precious gift of life. And if you will try what I have, you will soon uplift many of the people in a supermarket, a gym or other places you typically go.


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