Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Awakening Of Our Lives

So many of us are busy. We work long hours, race from project to project and are often on our computers, smart phones and iPads. We visit social media sites, send text messages and email and watch television and play the radio. Our minds are constantly occupied, as if all of this is the essence of life.

It's not. This is not what life is about for all these distractions only numb us into mindless activities that can never bring us an awakening or fulfillment. Life is an awareness of the many wonders that call to us, yet are often drowned out in all the meaningless noise that surrounds us.

Here are examples of what is meaningful:

1) To feel the sun's rays as they warm your body, and the sunshine as it lifts your spirits. If it is cold and rainy or snowy, to notice the rain drops or the snow flakes as they cleanse the air and moisten the soil. Feel the breeze as it causes the trees to gently sway and sends the leaves all aflutter.

2) For those of us with the profound gift of sight, it is to see the flowers in bloom in a radiance of colors - perhaps in reds, yellows and pinks. And for all of us, it is to inhale the heavenly scents some of those flowers emit.

3) For the sighted, it is to notice the blues skies and the billowy clouds. For all of us, it is to be aware of the skies and the freedom of space and not to be caught up in a world no bigger than a cubicle.

4) To be conscious of the people near us as they scurry by, caught up in their cares and tasks and often burdened by stress. This presents numerous opportunities to smile and offer some kind words to them to lighten their loads and to bring them a moment of joy.

5) To be a good and caring friend, the kind of friend that you desire to have in your life.

6) To turn off the television or other distracting devices, even if just for a short time, and lay down and relax. Focus your mind on relaxation and not on anything else but the here and now. Be in this moment. Feel the stress leave your muscles and your spine. Now deep breathe by inhaling deeply through your nose and fully exhaling through your mouth, letting the air cleanse your mind and body.

Not only will you relax, but you will connect with your Higher Being, your Spiritual Being, the real you, rather than listening to your ego driven voice constantly making demands on you and scaring you with all its fears and inadequacies. In the peace and silence, you can hear your Higher Being, as you come to understand your journey and your reason for being here.

7) As an expression of your Higher Being, tell your family and others you love them and act to make their lives happier and more meaningful. You will be fulfilling your greater purpose and you will live a happier, more meaningful life as well.


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