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What Does A Sick Person Want To Hear From You?

Dear Reader, Recently my friend, popular writer Mary Ellen had a reoccurence of breast cancer, a horrific disease she successfully overcame in 2000. Now she has overcome it once again, and in the process, shared with us her thoughts on what people who are sick would like to hear, and what they would not like to hear. I found her insight compelling and quite useful and I think you will too:


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Angel Scribe - Health and Healing Tips!

Cottage Grove, OR photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Spring's artwork in Cottage Grove, Oregon.


Dearest Readers,

My first "experience" with cancer in 2000 was a great teacher, educating me in many great life lessons.

Receiving that diagnosis was akin to being shoved into and tumbling down through, a wide, endless, black hole scrambling for breath and a foothold onto some sort of normalcy in my life. An unfavorable diagnosis can lead us to choose between crouching into a corner to hide behind tears and terror, or to treasure the present moment. The former is easier; the latter, more sensible and ultimately more fulfilling. So, this time around, I resolved to choose the latter and spend whatever number of days I had left, in peace. Interestingly, I recently read that cancer thrives on fear-fueled adrenaline rushes, so this was definitely a very wise choice to make!

First, I visited my acupuncturist for a disabling of my "flight or fright" alarm and took Passion Flower extract and Rescue Remedy to calm my nerves. Next, I read Louise Hay's book and viewed her movie, "You Can Heal Your Life" along with reciting her recommended affirmations to focus my mind on the positive, versus riding the disaster train of negative "what ifs". I knew if she could overcome cancer, then so could others.

Oftentimes, friends and family are at a loss as to how to respond to a loved one's life threatening illness. Here are some suggestions gleaned from my personal experience(s):

Whether communicating in person, via phone, or e-mail, please refrain from inquiring as to the diagnosis, asking if their condition is in remission or what treatments they are considering to satisfy your own curiosity. Our news is upsetting enough without having to repeat it over and over again to each loving inquirer. We will share the details of this deeply personal life-threatening information when we feel comfortable enough to do so. There are 1,111 options for us to consider in this unnerving game of Russian Roulette, as we hope and pray to avoid the loaded chamber and dodge an unexpected bullet (death).

Instead, ask us if we have noticed the beautiful flowers, the sunshine, the clouds, the sky? Leave brief, loving messages on our answering machines such as, "I am thinking of you, you have touched my life in 100 different ways and I am sending my love." Help us to focus on life, healing, and LIVING--the GOOD, not on the bad (illness).

Give the gift of time and self. Offer to run an errand; cook and/or drop off a meal or two; tell jokes; tidy up the house and/or yard. But, also keep in mind that the process of recovery includes physical, mental, and spiritual healing, so we may sometimes prefer "alone" time over your lovely personal visit. Any surgery and the subsequent healing is exhausting requiring the priceless gift of sleep to help us recover.

Send us funny or cute cards and notes. I received one hundred cards from as far away as Hong Kong, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and all over the USA. It meant the world to me that so many of my newsletter readers took the time to put their love and appreciation into a stamped, addressed envelope. The cards are rays of sunshine to me as a recover. I laid some of them on my pillow for 24 hours before opening because even while sealed, the love inside radiated out providing comfort. My heart was touched beyond words when a handwritten note of encouragement and a Prayer Angel figurine arrived from my friend, John Holland, who is a famous author/speaker/medium. 


(Click on book and on his weblink)


I was just as moved to receive a phone call from limo driver Mike who transported swimming cat Nymbus and myself from/to the airport for our appearance on Anderson Cooper's TV show. Mike expressed shock, concern, and compassion, along with the offer of free limo rides. What a great "lift" to my spirits. A woman in town I barely know, who had apparently undergone the similar surgery, rang my doorbell one night and presented me with a handmade quilt in my favorite colors. I named it my "healing nap-quilt" as each stitch represents a prayer of love from her. And a special "Thank-you" to Barbara too!

Before surgery, Kathy sent me her personally-created heavenly, angelically-fragrant, body spray called Angel Blessing which I immediately sprayed into my hair as a reminder that angels are always with us. I  wore it into surgery to uplift the medical staff and I plan to wear it for the rest of my life. INFO:

True spirituality is not sitting around all day meditating and reading. It is jumping into life and becoming the LIGHT, a ray of sunshine in others' lives. And it doesn't require a lot of effort; something as simple as sending a "Thinking Of You" card is sometimes all it takes for you to be the LIGHT when someone is in the dark night of soul.

As for me, I am healing. The surgery knocked the wind out of my sails, but I received the "All Clear" post lumpectomies. I am seeing a homeopathic oncologist to promote immunity restoration. Also, weekly acupuncturist visits are a blessing for optimal organ function. Thank God for modern medicine/surgery and natural healing methods. We can live better and longer. It is a conscious choice for me not to do  chemo/radiation whether healthy or ill!

Louise Hay's healing affirmations are a morning and bedtime ritual. For the rest of my life I will take Cell Forte to fortify killer cells, and ESSIAC tea to ward off any bacteria/fungus/parasites/bacteria etc. that can lead to physical disturbances. Preoperatively, I placed soaked castor oil packs onto the tumors (per Edgar Cayce) each evening, and rubbed chaparral extract onto them each day. I truly believe that this kept the tumors encapsulated.

The night I learned of my health's unexpected second "twist in the road" I prayed for an answer to build my health to prevent a reoccurrence.

The next day, "Wheat Belly" author Dr. Davies appeared on Dr. Oz's TV show discussing the foils of wheat. He explained that the "new wheat" is acidic, causing blood sugar levels to rise. Knowing that both acidity and increased blood sugar are cancer feeders, my husband and I immediately dropped all wheat products.  A mere six days later the acupuncturist said, "You don't have any inflammation in your body." What a dramatic improvement! The elimination of all wheat products not only garnered miraculous results for my blood, but I am down to my "high school weight"! My husband lost so many inches in his waist that he needs new pants and belts!

I was blessed with a wonderful support team which included your prayers and healing energies. My best friend Atira drove seven hours from Seattle to spend three weeks caring for me and handing me Traumeel homeopathy every 15 minutes. Having a world famous psychic/medium as your best friend is very interesting and fun, especially considering the uncertainty associated with a cancer diagnosis and the outcome of its resulting impending surgery. One evening during her visit Atira announced, "Your grandmother just came in to check on you. She is holding an edition of the newspaper that she was the editor of. She looked at you and announced, 'Oh, you are going to be just fine! It says it right here in the newspaper.'"

My husband offered his support by cooking healthy delicious, wheat free meals; and our acupuncturist friend came every night to give me treatments. Even the recovery room nurse mentioned the level of love and care I was receiving.

Not everyone is blessed with such a healing team. On one medical appointment, I noticed a "look of terror" on another MRI patient who had arrived alone and realized that regardless of what we ourselves are going through, we have a spiritual obligation to open our hearts and send love/prayers to others. Choose a hospital or clinic near you toward which you can direct your prayers to the lonely and frightened children, seniors, EVERYONE. Shine your LIGHT - show your spiritual colors.

May my "lesson" inspire you and your loved ones with the wisdom to modify your diets, release anger, and live an overall healthy life! Do not wait until you receive a startling wake up call.

Thank you for your ongoing love and healing thoughts.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^


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