Monday, May 20, 2013

Are You Someone's Angel?

In their time of darkness and despair are you the person who arrives to bring the warm bright light of love into someone's life? You don't have to be perfect, for no-one ever claimed Angels have to be perfect. You just have to sincerely care and take action to help another in their time of need.

Are you the one with a big smile and an even bigger hug? Are you the compassionate listener people so desperately want and the one with the golden nugget of wisdom if it is requested?

Are you the one to share your strength and do it in the most gentle of ways? Are you the one they can count on when others have turned a cold and callous shoulder to them?

Are you the one for those down on their luck, who buys them a meal or who puts groceries in their empty refrigerator?

Are you the one for an elderly or physically limited neighbor no longer able to maintain his or her property and unable to afford a gardener, who waters and who mows their lawn and trims their shrubs?

Are you the one who visits those who have few visitors or the one who takes them out when they would otherwise be sitting alone, isolated from the outside world?

Are you the one who visits a sick person, sitting bedside to provide words of comfort or who offers strength in the silence and compassion of your presence?

If so, you are their Angel, inspired to make a marvelous difference in the lives of people whose hearts call out to you. You don't need wings or magical powers, for what you offer is magical, it is a little piece of heaven when it is most needed.

Thank you to my friend Mary Ellen for helping inspire today's story with her piece, "Today."

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