Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Armed Forces Day

In the U.S. this weekend, there are parades in honor of the military and to salute our "heroes," which are those soldiers who fight our wars, many of whom are killed, wounded or traumatized in the process.

These "heroes" are the same people the Veteran's Administration coldly and quietly dishonors by losing or very slowly processing their paperwork when they apply for desperately needed medical and other services that were promised to them.

The whole thing is a cruel farce as U.S. presidents now fight the endless and empty abstract "War on Terror," killing and wounding many men, women and children, while also orphaning ever more children.

The only beneficiaries are the military contractors, their lobbyists and the corrupt governments the U.S. keeps in power. But ironically our rallying cry is "God Bless America," as we supposedly help to spread "freedom" all over the world.

Dear Reader I will leave you with this thought: As we honor war instead of condemning it, we only perpetuate it.

To learn more about the Veteran's Administration and the depth of its problems

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