Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Is The Best Way To Ensure Your Future?

What is the best way to ensure your future?

The best way to ensure your future is to focus on the now, live this moment, for life is only given to any of us in the present moment. And make the most of this moment, garnering from it every bit of wisdom and joy you can.

So many people postpone fully living today in anticipation of a better tomorrow, as they work and save for a future that may never come.

Tomorrow may bring grave illness, physical limitation or even death. It may bring financial folly as suddenly happened starting in 2008 when millions of people lost their jobs, their homes and their savings, the affects of which we are still feeling today.

You and I have no control over future events even with the best of planning. But what we do control is our perspective and actions in the present moment. Smell the roses now. Give a loved one a hug and tell them you love them now.

Be a friend to others now. Donate money to help those in need now. Smile now. Give life your best now. If you will take these simple steps in the now, you will discover you are taking the best way you can to ensure your future and to live a meaningful, fulfilling life.


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