Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Is Success?

To many people, "success" is measured by all of the power, fame and fortune they can accumulate, and all the perks that go with it, such as mansions, expensive cars and private jets.

And because so few people can attain this level of "success" they vicariously live the "success" of others, or through gossip they attack those whom they actually envy as they wish they could be so fortunate.

But Dear Reader, this is not success. If it were, don't you think you would see far more powerful, famous and rich people enjoying life rather than battling to gain more of what has not brought them happiness in the vain hope that having even more would now bring them happiness? Don't you think they would have fewer messy divorces, less drug rehabs and not so many emotional outbursts?
Success is about who you become rather than what you possess. You become a devoted spouse and a loving parent. You become someone who recognizes the vast poverty in this world and donate however much or little you can afford to do something about it.

You become someone who sincerely greets everyone warmly and who is loving and forgiving to all of mankind. You bring out the best in others and you celebrate their achievements as you would your own.

You become not too busy to notice the flowers in bloom, the warmth of the sun or the cool of the snowflakes. Time after time you take a moment to give a hug or to shake a hand or pat a back and when you ask how someone is; you actually listen to the answer.

Success is something you grow into over time as you accumulate compassion and wisdom and focus on making others feel appreciated, respected and loved.

And in sharing in their happiness, you will find something power, money and fame can never buy, which is the joy you bring to others as part of a meaningful and fulfilling life.


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