Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Vital Health Tip

At the age of 68, and very active, may I share with you an important health tip. It is simple and one anyone can easily do.

The tip is this: each day do something to put your body in motion. Walk, swim, garden, dance to the beat of your favorite songs, exercise, stretch  or simply move your body parts as best you are able for you will be doing what your body is designed to do, to move.

Your body was never meant to be sedentary.

What motion does is to help your circulation, sending life's marvelous healer and nourisher, your blood stream in greater amounts surging through your body and collecting and removing as well your body's wastes with greater efficiency.

If that were not enough, motion also helps to tone your muscles and through the endorphines that are generated, to uplift your spirits.

Whether motion will extend your life is unknown for life can end in many different ways. But motion will make each day you have more enjoyable, and may reduce some of your chronic aches and pains, while potentially making you more healthy.

Motion has been a blessing for me and dear reader it is my hope that it will be a blessing for you.


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