Friday, June 28, 2013

The Real Cost Of Anything

The most precious commodity any of us possess is our time, which is brief and quickly gone.

So for example, if you and I each buy a television set and we each spend the same amount, if you had the cash and it cost you no time, the set cost you nothing of value. But if I had to buy that set on payments and sacrifice my precious time to make those payments, that set was very costly to me.

When one begins to think of the real cost of anything measured not in money but in time, the result is profound for it redefines one's priorities and brings a realization of what really matters in life.

It is a delusion to think of time as plentiful and endless, which many people do, as they conform with others and waste their most precious commodity in activities that with thought most would concede are meaningless.

Instead, decide what really matters to you in life and use your most precious commodity to live it. Then you will know you are doing what is truly meaningful as it captures your heart and with joy you fully invest yourself.


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