Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Discovering Ourselves In The Silence

The headlines blare catastrophe as wars, school shootings and environmental disaster scream for our attention as do governments seeking bailouts, giant corporations and the rich paying little or no taxes and then there are the heart rendering financial struggles of people everywhere.

All the while advertisers clamor for our attention, as they try to convince us we are inadequate unless we use their products. Meanwhile television, radio, magazines and newspapers beckon to us almost always with bad news because bad news grabs our attention and sells products to us.

All this noise can be like a continuous leaf blower spewing noisely and incoherently in our ears and in our minds.

We are far more than mass consumers of news and products. These are not our purpose in life and they do not fulfill us nor bring us greater meaning. To accomplish fulfillment and meaning require silence and meditation, as we find a peaceful corner for self-exploration.

It maybe in the solace of a rose garden or in a meadow under an old oak tree or in the quiet of our bedrooms or in some other place of solitude. There the secrets of life beckon to us, as does the insight of who we really are and what the mission is that we are meant to accomplish.

There we will discover peace, for at our core, that is what sustains us.

We will hear the voice of our Higher Being, the real us that understands our purpose for being here. We will also hear the voice of a Power far greater than ourselves, the one that guides us if we listen and emboldens us to achieve our destiny.


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