Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Thank You For Saying Good Morning"

"Thank you for saying good morning," replied a 40 ish woman with a big smile, after I greeted her warmly in the parking lot of a Trader Joe's grocery store.

This was the culmination of a series of similar greetings I had offered before entering the store, while in the store and coming out of the store, each time having a beaming smile and a sparkle in my eyes.

Sometimes I added an additional comment or even two and at times I shook a hand or patted a shoulder all the while grinning in the process as I looked them in the eye.

And the response was electric as suddenly complete strangers were drawn out of their shells and into a warm aspect of life, as each in some way responded as that 40 ish woman did.

Why? Because they felt important and they felt a charmed connection with another person. Try it dear reader. Not only will you uplift other lives, you will uplift your own.


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