Friday, July 5, 2013

A Great Tip On Getting Rich From Andrew Carnegie

"No one becomes rich unless he enriches others." - Andrew Carnegie 

This great tip is from a man who became one of the richest men in U.S. history and its insight is based upon fulfilling the needs of others who in turn pay for that fulfillment. Carnegie did it with steel, Rockefeller did it with oil and Ford did it with cars. And their investors were heavily rewarded in stock value and dividends.

But Carnegie grew beyond that level of thinking as he set up a foundation still in operation today and contributed nearly all of his money to it, as it built America's library system, enriched universities so vastly more students could attend, created Carnegie Hall, established a peace foundation and the list of public beneficiaries goes on and on.

In effect, Carnegie contributed nearly his entire fortune to charity and did it in his lifetime. For he began to see the world from an enlightened perspective. If I may modify his earlier quote to reflect his actions, it would now read, "No one is rich who doesn't enrich the lives of others."

Andrew Carnegie did this to give his life real meaning. So can you and I and we don't have to be vastly wealthy do it. 

It is the small humanitarian acts that add up. It is Donating food to a food bank so the hungry can eat, it is volunteering at a local school to help teach children to read, it is visiting the elderly who are lonely and largely alone, it is giving your own family the love and attention they deserve and the list goes on.

Let us learn from Carnegie as we gain the greatest riches of all.

Note: The Andrew Carnegie quote was published on Morning Mantra, 7/5/13

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