Thursday, July 4, 2013

Your Special Gifts

Most people believe there is little they can do to uplift the lives of others. Yet each of us has special gifts that could bring great joy into the hearts of the many.

For example, do you have sincere words of praise to share? If so you will be meeting a vital need people have, as you bring them pleasure and a sense of self-confidence.

Can you cook? My Uncle Gene, as a hobby is a gourmet chef, for many years has brought food to others, especially those who are sick or incapacitated. Even today at the age of 86, he continues to do so.

Can you sing or play a musical instrument? If so you have the gift of music to share. Can you tell jokes or perform a little magic? If so you have the gift of humor or awe to share.

Are you an expert in some aspect of history or literature? If so you have the gift of story telling to offer.

Everyone has special gifts and if you choose to offer your special gifts to the rest of us, you will uplift the world with your acts of wonder and joy.


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