Saturday, August 31, 2013

Finding Fulfillment

Fulfillment is knowing you are doing what you were destined to do. It is something we all seek but few of us attain. Why?

Because we don't take the time to look deep enough within or to listen to that profound whisper that seeks to guide us. And yet it awaits us in the stillness of our minds.

Gandhi let the voice guide him as he surrendered his personal possessions and refused to strike back at all those who caused him harm. Cumulatively he served years of jail time for opposing British rule in India, and when they withdrew his meals for a brief time within the confines of prison, he extended the fast with one of his own.

For with inner peace Gandhi was fulfilled in his mission of peacefully ending British rule as he led peaceful protests and ultimately he helped all of oppressed mankind to find its voice in ways other than violence.

Peace begat peace.

By contrast, Hitler for a time also found fulfillment as he came to power and in stages implemented some of the most brutal dictates in world history. But the vast evil within his fulfillment ultimately consumed him and left his nation in ruins along with other nations and peoples who felt his wrath.

Evil begat evil.

For us our fulfillment awaits, as does our potential to uplift or destroy the world based upon our thoughts and our actions. Neither Gandhi nor Hitler were originally famous but as each found, there is enormous power in seeking one's fulfillment, particularly as it resonates with others.


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