Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Inner Conflict: Fearing To Pursue Our Dreams

Each of us has dreams we hope to accomplish and each of us is a bundle of fears, hesitant to pursue our dreams because we believe we could fail and lose our self-esteem and money and become the subject of ridicule.

Yet the great drama of the lives of people so many of us admire came down to fear or faith and they chose faith and found the courage to pursue their dreams. Almost never were they instant successes but instead struggled with defeats until they persevered into triumph.

And here is something else to consider dear reader, we are all going to die, whether we live our lives risk averse or open our hearts in pursuit of our dreams. This is a choice we each must make but as for me, I choose the pursuit of my dreams. No excuses and no waiting for "the right time."

Which choice will you make?


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