Saturday, August 17, 2013

Riding The Current Of Life

Most of us battle the currents of life. We want, we need, we demand, never able to satisfy our egos and always doing battle to get more of what we feel we are entitled to.

Add to that the fearful uncertainty of what if this or that catastrophe happens, what will we do? Will it destroy us? Will we lose everything we fought for? Worry, worry, worry.

Pair that with rush here, rush there, rush everywhere and it is no wonder we never find inner peace when all that blows through us is an inner cyclone of nervous energy, fear, uncertainty, doubt and greed.

Our lives are always in turmoil.

To find the peace we seek requires that we move with life's flow. Instead of swimming with all of our might against the current that we allow the current to carry us peacefully down stream.

Instead of being in such a rush, that we let go of all this craziness and appreciate  what we have, such as our loved ones, our health and our home, and all of the other comforts that make life so nice.

Peace is as peace does.

Let our actions speak the peace this world so desperately needs as we ride the current of life, the one that will bring love and fulfillment to each of us if only we are wise enough to embrace it and allow it to carry us to where our destiny dictates.


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