Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Passage Of Time

A look in the mirror or the reflection from the comments of others remind us of the passage of time as we age with each passing day.

But that is the nature of all things as everything and everyone ages only to eventually be reborn in new forms, much as a caterpillar grows into a beautiful butterfly and with time and a final flutter of wings becomes the mulch that nourishes its own rebirth.

Many people dread the passing of time for fear of their own mortality and in death being cast into the unknown. They don't realize that they are immortal, having made this journey in various forms many times before.

They also overlook the fact they have no control over the process. Fad diets, face lifts and tummy tucks cannot prolong their lives. But stress reduction, exercise and eating properly can bring better quality to each day they have. So can loving and nurturing others.

The wise person makes the most of the inevitable, not clinging to fears and regrets but enjoying the rewards inherent in each day.


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