Monday, August 26, 2013

Finding Peace, Bringing Peace

Many people believe to find peace, they need to travel to India, Jerusalem or some other distant place. But peace can only be found in one place:

That place is within one's self, one's Higher Being. It is in calm and tranquility that one can hear the inner voice, feel the inner light and find greater awareness. This is where peace resides.

The journey leading within one's self may include sitting in the beauty of a garden or listening to magnificent music or laying on a bed, as the body releases the weight on its spine and rests most of its muscles. At some point worries and distractions drift away and the inner journey proceeds, a journey that calls to each of us to take.

And each time after we have found that peace, by how we conduct ourselves we can share a bit of that peace with others making life nicer for those around us.


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