Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Blessing Created By Life's Challenges

Many people fear the challenges life presents, always seeking to avoid them as if avoiding them was possible.

Yet the challenges most people hope to avoid are the foundation for our personal growth and for our empathy for mankind. Without these challenges we would pass apathetically through life, never feeling the exhilaration of triumph nor the love and compassion that bonds us all together.

We would never feel the appreciation we do for all the good things in life.

Challenges can be horrific as we live them but with time and perspective we grow wiser from the pain and suffering we endured and may continue to endure. With introspection we can use those lessons to become a blessing in the lives of others as well as a blessing in our own.

Thank you for the writings of Peace Pilgrim (1908 - 1981) for helping to inspire today's piece.

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