Thursday, September 26, 2013

What If Money Didn't Matter?

What if money didn't matter? What would you do with your life? What dreams would you pursue?

In our youth, we have big dreams and we know what would make us happy.

But as we grow older we become "realistic" often building careers we dislike in order to pay the bills and to buy things we really don't need to satisfy our egos that claim these possessions are necessary to justify our long hours of intense work. And to impress others.

We keep buying more of what we don't need, working ever harder to do so, in order to find the happiness these things can never bring us.

Instead what if we scaled down our overhead and pursued our dreams, which is what would bring us happiness. In the process we would sharply reduce our stress which in itself could bring us greater health and joy.

Life goes by quickly so while we have it, instead of conforming with the expectations of others, why not live it on our own terms doing what we find meaningful and rewarding.

Today's piece was inspired by my son Kyle who shared the following three minute video with us.

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