Friday, October 4, 2013

Harnessing Life's Currents

We try so hard to control the events in our lives only to find out how seldom that control works and how frustrated we can be.

Instead, might we be wiser to let the currents carry us and make the most of the opportunities those currents present.

Many years ago while swimming in the ocean I got caught in a riptide and panicked, thrashing as hard as I could to get to shore but to no avail. Finally I calmed myself and as the current carried me I gradually swam to shore, and I thanked God for my rescue.

Today I saw my wife Anne back her car out of our garage and she barely missed scraping a garage wall. I calmly watched knowing with her windows up she would never hear me call to her in time and also knowing we could fix any damage.

It was not worth getting upset over. And beside, as so often happens in life the things we worry about never happen and she drove off happily.

Life is always presenting changes so let us stop trying to control everything around us, let go of our irrational fears and instead smile and capitalize on the opportunities life offers and to have some fun in the process.


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