Friday, September 27, 2013

Living In The Now

When our children were small, I would think how wonderful it would be if they could always be little and cute. But in the course of their lives and with the passage of time they grew up and I found they were as beautiful in each stage of their growth and a joy to be with, just as they are today.

I learned to live in the now, for now is all we ever have.

When I look at the beauty of a red rose in bloom and inhale its magical scent, I enjoy it for what it is right now. For shortly those red petals will wilt and drift to the ground.

But inherent in that lovely bush are more red roses to come and if I am wise, I will enjoy each of those roses as they burst into bloom.

You too must live in the now, but by putting your heart and your awareness into it you will reap the magnificence of all that life has to offer you.


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