Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is Work Spiritual?

To many people work is a necessary chore to pay the bills. But work actually has a greater role, one of spirituality.

In some professions such as the medical profession, in which doctors, nurses and paramedics often play a vital role in peoples' lives, the spiritual connection is readily apparent.

But whether people realize it or not, in every interaction they leave something of themselves. They touch the lives of others even if they think they are just processing paperwork or tapping on computer keys or performing some other function.

A smile, a gentle hug or kind words alone can uplift the spirits of others. A generous act such as compassionate listening and heartfelt support can add even more.

So can giving someone a helping hand.

Or it can be as simple as working in a bakery shop or some other retail job and warmly greeting and serving each person that comes through the door. If the greeting is sincere, the individual helpful and the products are of quality each of those people will leave a little happier.

And in turn, they will treat others a little nicer.

Work is spiritual and the wise among us embrace the concept and consciously contribute to that spirituality at work each day.


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